Foosball Interview with Frederic Collignon

Frédéric, almost all table-soccer players think the same: You are the very best table-soccer player worldwide. Do you know how many cups you have won already?

Wow this is a really nice compliment, thank you very much I really appreciate it but I think it is too much. They are several really good player everywhere.
I don’t know how many cups I got, I m sorry but most of the top Foosball player are full of cups and they don’t know how many they got.

How often do you play/train table-soccer when you’re not on a tournament?

I usually only play if a tournament is coming. I try to be prepared for it. For example is Tornado World is coming I try to play at least 30 min every day 1 month before the tournament. Ofcourse this is an average, some days I will play 2 hours with friends and some days I will take a break.

How many football tables do you have at home and which one do you prefer?

I have one of each ITSF Official tables, the belgium tables and a Lechmarer. I don’t have much time with my job to go out to play so I like to have one of each table to play on it when I want it. This is much easier for me ofcourse. I don’t have any preference, every table plays different and I like some characteristics of each one. 

Nobody masters the Pin Shot on a Tornado as good you do. Can you give some tips to other Tornado players how to perform the pin shot best on this table?

The pinshot on Tornado is not the main shot cause it is much easier to shot a roll over. I think you need to learn the pin shot on other table first. When you master the pin shot on Tecball for example, you can start to do it on Tornado, you will adapat easier. It is really difficult to learn to shot it on tornado so I recommand everyone to learn the shot on Tecball, Lechmarer, … and later, you can adapt it on Tornado.
It will also take much more time to learn the pin shot than to learn a rollover so it needs patient and discipline. 

Und wie sieht es beim Blocken an der Fünf aus… Kannst du anderen Tischfussball-Spielern Tipps geben worauf man achten sollte um einen Pass erfolgreich zu blocken?

The 5 D is for sure one of the big keys of the game. They are several D you can use and you have to use the right one against the right opponent. First you have to know your opponent, it is much easier, if you know him you know what you have to do.

The problem appears when you don’t know your opponent or if you haven’t see him play for a while and his game has changed. At this point you have to be able to do a certain strategie to learn as quick as possible his way to think and what he is looking for and which are his lovely passes. 

The first game is really important to study ur opponent after the first game you have to have learned something, you have to be able to have a plan for the rest of the match.

The five D is really to complicate to explain here, but if you know the five D has nothing to do with luck or… and you realise the five D is more a head games, next time you will look your defence on 5 in another way and you will improve.

The defence has nothing to do with talent, a smart rookie player can have a much better D than some pro player cause he understand it.

An other point, if you can not block someone five and you have tried everything so this player outsmart you on the five, so accept it and forget about defence and concentrate only on your five offence, try to pass every ball and score it, in other word put pression on him and you will see ur five D coming alive from nowhere. 

You’re not only the best offensive player, you’re also the best defensive player. How do you move your players when your opponent has his ball on his 3… Do you concentrate on anything special?

The defense against the three rod has nearly the same philosophie than the 5 D. How you move your man is not important it is more about where you are when the shot takes off. I mean if you are where you wanted to be it is already a good point. Too many keeper are out of position and most of the time even if they know which shot is coming they still don’t block it. So try to have a plan, you keep with it and you have to be where you want to be. Don’t panic when it gets close. you can also use ur speed against slow shot, you can raise some player in their weak side, this is the easiest way to block but if you can not raise … you better have a plan before the match, always be prepared. you also have to look for any tells, some players change their hands for certain shot ( hello Uli hahaha ), just a joke, he still scores a high percentage ), other players have an other position on the ball for certain shots, others have bad body language … anything can help. 

What was your nicest tournament success?

All my favorite one are Tornado Worlds in doubles. To me this is the best title I could get but all the title has a good feelings even the small one, they all count. If I have to pick one or 2, I will say Tornado Worlds 1998 in doubles ( my first one ) and Tornado Worlds 2001 in doubles, both with my partner Todd Loffredo.

What was your worst lost in professional table soccer?

Just like all the victory feels good, every lost hurts somewhere. I can not tell for sure which one hurts the most but maybe Tornado Worlds 2003 in doubles, we have won five years in a row and we lost the 6th ones in 2003, it was the end of a serie and I did not like it lol.

Who besides you is the best table soccer player in the world? And who is the best German table soccer player?

It depends on which table you are talking and under which rules. But we are going to talk in general. Anyway the best player ever plays this game is by far and without any contest Todd Loffredo, this is a no brainer. He is way above the rest. Beside him, everyone know that Tony, Billy and now Ryan and Rob are the best all around players. You can not forget Jamal who is one of the best multitable players in the World too.

In germany, you have a lot of player who are close to each other, again Jamal is the best multitable player in Germany rightnow. But Timo, Marc Balic, Johannes Wahle are the new upcoming players. Thierry Muller is probably the best goalie in Germany but also one of the best forward if he believes more in himself. Germany has a lot of good players like Ronny Falk, Franck Brauns, Bjorn Hofmann… . By the way, Szule is not from Germany, right??? lol, He doesn’t count in my list of German players, he is from Switzerland for me.

Where do you see table soccer in future? Do you think table soccer will ever become an Olympic sport?

I have no idea what the futur will be for table soccer cause they are to many factors whom are involved like the onlines games, poker … All this new games are fun and takes a lot of time, it is difficult to tell someone it is better to play Foosball instead of call of duty for example. Foosball has all it needs to become a sport like darts, snooker… but it is not enough rightnow, we will see what the furtur will tell. ITSF is working on it, I hope they will succeed.

What are your plans for the upcoming years and can you imagine working at ITSF after your career?

My plan rightnow is trying to improve my game, like always. I’m going to try to win the next my match I ll play and so on. I m planning of going to the Bundensliga if I have the time to go. I already work for ITSF, im in 2 commisions already, the rules and the technics of the tables. I don’t think I can do more than this for the moment. I m too busy.