GOL History

It can be assumed that GOL has been initially established when the table soccer site www.langirt.org was founded in in İzmir in 2007. İzmir table soccer activities had been made under lead of Mr. Burak Havuk and Mr. Murat Mutlu as founders of the said internet site. These activities have won a national quality in a short period despite many obstacles related to the sport. Within a couple of years İzmir has recruited a young generation of table soccer enthusiasts, including Medical Dr. Salter Alagöz and Medical Dr. İlker Adıgüzel, and the movement accelerated. Mr. Havuk has left the group in these years due to his post graduate works. It should be known that, before İzmir table soccer movement the table soccer had been nearly extinct in Turkey.


In the year 2009, www.langirt.org internet site has obtained ITSF associate member status and İzmir table soccer activities promoted to organizing ITSF certified tournaments, establishment of a national team and many other pioneering table soccer events. The best players and successful organizers have been obtained including Mr. Can Göçeri, Ing. Mr. Volkan Arman and Mr. Çağdaş Minareci and these young ones started to organize their own national events in İzmir. This formation of a following generation have proved that a basic target had been accomplished. Mr. Ramazan Sarıdoğan of Langırt Ticare has been the main sponsor of İzmir movement at those times.

The table soccer approach in İzmir then accomplished to become a Regular Member to ITSF by establishing Turkish Table Sports Association in 2010. This meant, national representation of Turkey had been managed to be placed in a concrete corporate structure.

Following, Mr Mutlu has decided to unite his experience with Mr. Onur Bilgen (an experienced professional manager for long years) and planned to form a club that has focused particularly to the development of table soccer in the city of İzmir. The same couple has started to establish a company (GÜLEÇ OYUN), obtained the distributorship from foreign companies. GÜLEÇ OYUN also started for the modernization of classical aluminum figurine Turkish tables. The company aims also to sell all foreign  tables and accessories. After establishment such financial infrastructure, Güleç Oyun Table Soccer Club (GOL) has been formed by the company.

The main communication channels of GOL are www.langirt.org and the forum www.langirt.gen.tr. GOL aims to continue the countless tournaments performed by İzmir table soccer community (including 4 ITSF tournaments). GOL, in summary, is the corporate continuation of the activities performed by İzmir up to date. For info about the performance of İzmir table soccer community see www.langirt.org.


Coverage:                  Güleç Oyun Table Soccer Club (will be referred as GOL hereinafter) is a Güleç Oyun company initiative. This wording shall be understood as the main founding document of GOL. Güleç Oyun company has all the decision and administration rights of GOL.


Membership:             The membership requires application to www.langirt.org internet site. Any person (including foreign nationals) shall post an e-mail to www.langirt.org mail address including name, surname, birth date, phone number, legal residence and a statement declaring the person’s wish to join GOL. The subject of this e-mail shall be written as “Membership Demand to GOL”.

                                    Should Güleç Oyun administration deems suitable, the applying person shall receive an e-mail stating his/her acceptance. To print a membership card same as the card template is the responsibility of the member. This template shall be shown in the aforementioned communication channels.                 

                                     A member may only favor GOL advantages if he/she has printed his/her membership card. Any member who has not printed his/her card may not favor GOL advantages even if he/she has been accepted to membership.              

                                     GOL membership is free of charge.


Communication:       The main communication channel of the club is www.langirt.org internet site. GOL members should be members of www.langirt.gen.tr forum site even though not compulsory. The communication of any tournament approved by Güleç Oyun shall be made via aforementioned internet sites.  Any activity not approved through aforementioned channels many not be understood as a GOL event. Any decision related to GOL events or activities taken in the forum site may only be valid if Güleç Oyun approves the respective decision. GOL, when deems necessary, may also make declarations via İstanbul table soccer forum.  Güleç Oyun approvals in the forum site shall be made by the nicknames “Güleç” and/or “Ters Kepçe”.  If any other member is provided with such authority, it shall be declared via www.langirt.org and/or www.langirt.gen.tr


Club Activities:   
      GOL organizes tournaments using its members. These tournaments  may be organized by the members provided tables belonging to Güleç Oyun  are used. Any tournament organized by a member may not be understood as a GOL tournament unless approved by Güleç Oyun. The main sales channel of Güleç Oyun products is www.langirt.org site.


The Advantages

of the Members:        The advantages to the GOL members are tournament participation discounts and discounts for the products sold by Güleç Oyun. All the tournament or product discounts shall be declared through www.langirt.gen.tr and/or www.langirt.org (before the tournaments).

End of Membership: Güleç Oyun may end the membership of any member under the decision of Güleç Oyun administration. Such a decision bases on acts breaching ITSF ethic rules. After the end of membership, the respective person may not favor any GOL advantages. A member may also end its membership under his/her own will and may declare such decision to Güleç Oyun. Any member leaving membership is obliged to terminate his/her member card.

 The Authorities of the Members :       The members may not take decisions related to the administration of GOL. However, the members may take any decision related to the operation of a tournament under anonymous decision through voting to be made in www.langirt.gen.tr forum site. However, any such decision requires Güleç Oyun approval to be valid.


GOL Main Targets

1)      To cause generalization of table soccer sport in all Turkey and particularly in İzmir. To develop the sport in Turkey in parallel with ITSF principles and operation.

2)      To support all GOL members for organizing tournaments.

3)      To develop A Grade table soccer products and to import first class tables.

4)      To cause İzmir to recruit national and international champions. To breed tournament organizers from the city.

5)      To develop the sport in İzmir universities and to perform continuous tournaments.

6)      To form a strong table soccer industry in İzmir and to provide employment in this industry for the youth.

7)      To breed educated, culturally advanced and wise table soccer players for the future prestige of the sport.

8)      To support other cities of Turkey to form such clubs to have a national league (to have national play offs once year with participation of all cities) in the end.



GOL belongs to a commercial company and accordingly is under total control of Güleç Oyun. However, www.langirt.gen.tr forum site is a sort of General Assembly of the club and any decision to be taken by anonymous vote in this forum shall be assessed by Güleç Oyun administration. Güleç Oyun has the authority to approve or not approve any such decision.

Without prejudice to the previous paragraph, Güleç Oyun definitely accepts to evaluate any anonymous forum decision of the members or any opinion of the members in parallel with the principles of mind and logic. Güleç Oyun also accepts to discuss any opinion or question declared by any member through the forum site.


Any GOL member may demand to organize a tournament by sending a respective e-mail to www.langirt.org internet site. GOL tournaments may only be performed on tables belonging to Güleç Oyun. It is under Güleç Oyun’s will to accept or not accept any tournament.

Güleç Oyun’s only monetary from the tournaments is the coins to be spent on the tables before the tournament. Other than that, all the tournament income is under the decision of the organizing member of the tournament.

The member demanding to organize a GOL tournament shall declare all the tournament details (location, participation fee, awards and other technical details) in his/her mail and shall also declare the same in www.langirt.gen.tr internet site at least  days before the tournament date. Any tournament breaching such conditions shall not be accepted as a GOL tournament.

Any amendment to be made in the tournaments after such  days shall be subject to Güleç Oyun approval.

Participation to any GOL tournament shall be made via aforementioned communication channels (i.e. by writing name and surname to the respective tournament page in the forum site).

Any GOL tournament shall bear the expression “GOL” before the name of the tournament. If a GOL tournament is also an ITSF tournament, then such expression is not required. (if such tournament is approved to be an ITSF tournament by ITSF). In such a case, all table requirements shall be in line with ITSF requirements (i.e. national tables not certified by ITSF MAY NOT be used).   In the latter case, it should be expressed that organizer of the respective ITSF tournament is GOL.

Official GOL Tournaments

The official GOL tournaments are  annual … tournaments which will decide the İzmir and Turkey universities champions of the respective year. Official GOL tournaments are subject to all aforementioned rules. Official GOL tournaments differ by means of having a certain scoring.

The first Official Gol Tournament is 9 Eylül University tournament. It will be performed in 9 Eylül University campus in Buca district of İzmir.

The second Official Gol Tournament is Ege University tournament. It will be performed in Ege University campus in Bornova district of İzmir.

The third Official Gol Tournament is İzmir Ekonomi University tournament. It will be performed in Teleferik district of İzmir.

The fourth Official Gol Tournament is Yaşar University tournament. It will be performed in Yaşar University campus in Bornova district of İzmir.





The last Official Gol Tournament is aka İzmir Cup and will be performed in Buca district of İzmir.

After these five official GOL tournaments, İzmir champions are understood and these players of teams shall have the power to represent the city in national or international scale. Should any of these teams fail to participate to national or international events for İzmir, following player or team wins such right.

These tournaments shall be played in tables belonging to Güleç Oyun save Ege University and Yaşar University tournaments. These two tournaments may also be played on the tables of company Langırt Ticaret.

These tournaments are open to all Turkish nationals and foreigners.

The dates of the tournaments shall be declared in the communication channels aforementioned. The timing of the tournaments may vary save İzmir Cup. İzmir Cup must be the last tournament in any case.

GOL official tournaments may be organized by Güleç Oyun or GOL members.


Points are allocated as follows: the champions have 4 points. The second place winners have 2 points. The third place winners have 1,5 points. The fourth place winners have 1 points. The fifth place winners have 0,75 points. The sixth place winners have 0,5 points. The seventh place winners have 0,4 points. The eighth place winners have 0,3 winners. The ninth place winners have 0,2 points. The tenth place winners and the rest shall have 0,1 points.

The champions of İzmir are declared after said five Official Gol Tournaments.

The İzmir list of players with their points shall be declared updated through the aforementioned communication channels.

GOL Official Tournaments must be performed under ITSF Sports Code.

The participation to GOL Official Tournaments and awards are subject to aforementioned tournament rules.

The ordinary GOL tournaments may not provide points to such list of İzmir players.


GOL Tables

GOL tables are ……….. ITSF certified tables belonging to Güleç Oyun.  Ege University tournaments may also be played in  table chosen by the players of the university.



1.GOL’s symbol and logo will be declared in the aforementioned communication organs.

2. All the GOL tournaments are subject to ITSF sport, disciplinary and ethical rules and principles.

3.GOL is a city formation in line with national federation and ITSF.

4.Referees appointed by GOL shall have the concrete authority for the matches and games.

5.Any GOL official tournament or ordinary tournament may be performed as an ITSF tournament (if such tournament is approved to be an ITSF tournament by ITSF E.C.). In such a case, all table requirements shall be in line with ITSF requirements (i.e. national tables MAY NOT be used).

5.Any amendments or missing parts may be written or added in time and shall be valid on the date of its publish.